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She Who Shall Not Be Named
16 January 2015 @ 21:46
I don't really know how to feel about this.

Don't think this is a spoiler, but just in case ...Collapse )
She Who Shall Not Be Named

Day 2 of my holiday but Day 1 of the tour (as I'm travelling alone I decided to join a tour). Despite not sleeping particularly well last night, I felt a lot better this morning. At least I didn't have the fever; a huge plus!

Highlight of the day is undoubtedly Blarney Castle and (trying to kiss) the Blarney Rock. I had obviously not done any research about this beforehand bc otherwise I would've known that 'kissing' the rock involves climbing to the top of the castle (5 stories high), leaning over a gap in the parapet (so you're basically hanging over empty space with a 5 story drop) and kissing some random stone to get the gift of gab. My camera also decided at that very moment to run out of battery so ... my moment of terror was not preserved for prosperity. I'm okay with that.

What I'm not really okay with is the tour. I was faced with a decision of extremes - on the one hand was Shamrocker, which sounded like it catered to the Contiki/Topdeck crowd. OTOH, CIE tours was more expensive, stayed in hotels and includes most meals - but apparently caters to the 50+ crowd.

On balance, I chose Shamrocker - but after the first day I think CIE probably would've suited me more. The people on this tour are so YOUNG - and not only that, are mostly bogans. Young, uncouth, loud Aussies who consider pissing into your own sleeping bag while off your face garners respect from your peers instead of horror and derision, and to whom advice like "just remember to keep your legs together when wearing a skirt" seems surprising and sage advice (yes I sound old, but I don't care!). Everyone is staying at a crappy hostel tonight but I had requested a private room at a B&B, which set me apart immediately. The tour guide was a bit rude about it as well - I asked whether I could just get directions to the B&B, but she fobbed me off and instead I had to wait until all 52 people were checked into the hostel, and then she threw a tiny piece of paper at me and said there's the B&B. No help whatsoever. To add insult to injury it turned out the bus passed it on the way to the hostel but didn't stop; instead I had to trundle with my suitcase for 15mins. I'm lucky my sense of direction is fine , but I shudder to think how it'd be for someone else. She seemed somehow offended that I'd requested to stay in a private room. Sorry for not wanting to sleep in mixed dorm with shared bathrooms. I'm 35, not 20!

I also skipped the nights activities - they were going to do a pub crawl from 9.30pm, then onto a nightclub until 3am. We're supposed to be on the bus tomorrow at 8.30. I said I wouldn't be going and the guide was all, whatever, your loss. Oh dear. In my defence I don't think I was quite like that even when I was young, so I'm quite okay being despised by this section of the population!!

She Who Shall Not Be Named
02 July 2013 @ 00:07
Has anyone been watching The White Queen? It's being shown on BBC here in the UK, but I wasn't sure whether it is (or will be) shown in the US or elsewhere.

A spoiler warning in case the story of the Wars of the Roses is unknown ...

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She Who Shall Not Be Named
16 February 2013 @ 18:14
I've just finished watching the series finale of Emily Owens MD and ... argh.

It's bad enough that CW cancelled the series prematurely - I was just starting to warm up to Emily and Micah (Mouse) and Will - but the idiot writers had to end the series with that last scene!

Spoilers for the whole seriesCollapse )
She Who Shall Not Be Named
24 January 2013 @ 20:01

I've been waiting for this guy for 1 hour now. I'm so uncomfortable hanging out at bars by myself, I hate it. Worst impression on first date ever!

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She Who Shall Not Be Named
04 November 2012 @ 19:22

Just a test to see how we'll this app works!

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She Who Shall Not Be Named
13 October 2012 @ 21:29
It's Saturday night and I'm stuck at home, by choice.

My choice was made 7 years ago when I got the idiotic idea to enrol in a Masters of Law (LLM), majoring in International Taxation. Have to heard of anything that could sound more boring? To be fair, it was relevant to my previous job, it isn't as boring as it sounds but 7 years is a long time for this to be hanging over my head (didn't help that I galivanted around for a few years in between). I'm now doing the responsible thing, trying to finish the damn thing. Only a 7,000 word essay stands between me and the finish line. Except I've got 2 weeks to research and write it, right in the midst of the busiest period of the year at work. What on god's green earth was I thinking??

In other news, does anyone still watch Merlin? We're only 2 episodes into Series 5 and it is already infuriating me in its logical inconsistences and poor writing. Argh.

Spoilers for Merlin and Homeland, and how often do you see these shows paired together?Collapse )
She Who Shall Not Be Named
06 March 2012 @ 19:39
Does anyone on my flist still watch Gossip Girl? I rolled my eyes through Season 3 but the whisper of the possibility of Dair kept me from straying too far in Season 4. In Season 5 I clung on because the idea of Dair was just too delicious to give up, and lo and behold ...

spoilers for Gossip Girl ahead ...

... Dair has happened!!!

My flailing quite caught me by surprise. I haven't legitimately flailed in a purely joyful way since eye-sex, pre-related era Paire. Dan/Blair are just so freaking precious and gorgeous and bring out the best qualities in each other. I love that their relationship has been built up so completely and solidly over the years, I love that they couldn't have worked as a couple in the earlier seasons. I love seeing their development to insider/outsider, frenemis, reluctant allies, reluctant friends to giddy as all out sort of in love. It's a bit odd to say about Gossip Girl, but it really is one of the most organic, well developed relationships I've seen on TV for a while that has any semblance of reality. They're so cute. I really hope they last. *sigh*
She Who Shall Not Be Named
02 January 2012 @ 17:35
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year holidays!

I've been in hibernation and have been spending my time constructively - instead of say, going out to watch New Year's Eve fireworks outside (where I froze my good self off last year), I decided to marathon shows that I haven't touched in what felt like ages.

First up was Friday Night LightsCollapse )

Next was DollhouseCollapse )

Will go onto Ugly Betty next, inspired in a way by receiving some nice feedback for my fanfics.